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Dave's interest in photography started when he was 8 or 9 years old. Armed with a little brownie box camera and b/w film, his first photography subject his three legged dog, named, no not tripod, but "Judy". In high school, Dave Rosenberg was the yearbook photographer and knew then he was destined to follow professional photography as a career. At Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Dave learned the basics in Advertising Photography. Developing E-6 film was not one of them. How to see, pre-visualize and light and a strong visual image was. Dave Rosenberg came back to Denver, Colorado to start his career as a professional photographer at 22 years of age. "At first I did everything, from product catalogs to magazine covers. I lived in my studio which was on the top floor of a piano warehouse and showroom. I did photography 24 hours a day." Over the years, Dave Rosenberg has become an exceptional photographer in Denver, Colorado who in specializes in location work. Dave Rosenberg works for clients in the advertising, corporate, and hospitality industries..Dave Rosenberg has extensive experience in the production of outdoor fashion and recreation.catalogs. Dave Rosenberg photographs people on location for corporations. Dave Rosenberg photographs products on location for advertising. Dave Rosenberg photographs buildings and property for developers in Denver and throughout all of Colorado.

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